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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  March 11, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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has all the elements of a rescue operation. sadly this is an attempt to recover a body. first spotted wednesday afternoon. >> two men were fishing and they spotted a body in the water. actually in the spillway. >> reporter: recovery teams worked into the night to get to the victim. while they were clearing debris out of the way. the body submerged in the spillover area. turning water where the waterfall creates the most force. at day break dives with the baltimore county underwater recovery team entered the water at the base of the falls below to see if it had become dislodged. >> it is swift water. >> reporter: late in the day swift water rescue teams returned to the spillover above. argueably the most dangerous area to search. as the difficult recovery effort reaches into the second day one thing has become certain. the more time that passes the more time people here live in
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this community have to wonder what happened here. >> if they jumped off the dam it is deep enough. they came up. then they would have got caught in the rocks. >> i have a feeling, what happened here is not from our area. probably out of town. it is just not what happens here. >> reporter: in frederick county jeff abc 2 news. >> at this point searchers can't say for sure whether the victim is a male or female. they have to idea if this is a result of wrong-doing. still no word on how a man found in an industrial park near his home in baltimore county died. the man was found lying outside of his home. the man's did showed signs of head trauma. they have not released the victim's name. autopsy is expected to determine the cause of death. arnold woman has been
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charged for the death of her newborn son. prosecutors say she was charged with second degree murder, manslaughter, first degree child abuse and wreckless endangerment. she showed up at the garrett county memorial hospital on september 19th carrying a baby boy she claimed to have miscarried. tonight western maryland is getting ready for possible flooding. alleghany county say two feet of snow remain on the ground after record-snow falls this winter. there are flood watches out in western maryland, hagerstown town west. one of the reasons is temperatures have been mild the last several days really melting the snow pack. this is the good news today. sunshine. temperatures in the low 60s. 56 at bwi marshall after touching 60 earlier today. maryland's radar it is a clear sweep across the skies of
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maryland at the moment. that's going to be change. you can see a large cluster of heavy showers and thunderstorms across south carolina moving up into southern and western virginia. that eventually coming our way. especially as we work into the day tomorrow. we may see showers tomorrow night with clouds on the increase. we'll talk about the wettest part of the weekend coming up. >> thank you. religious leaders are throwing their weight behind tougher gun laws hoping to push a bill in the maryland legislator. it geared towards tougher restrictions on who can own a gun. it looks to tighten licenses and who can sale guns in gun shops. lawmakers behind the bill says it only targets illegal guns and felons.they believe felons should not be able to possess them. leaders from all faiths are behind this effort. >> we think it is a good thing
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for maryland. the religious leadership, christian, muslim and jewish is behind this. we want to provide the support for this bill. >> baltimore state attorney was in annapolis pushing for stricter gun laws. baltimore sun is reporting charge have been dropped against a baltimore county woman accused of running a dogfighting ring in her home. prosecutors showed photos in january claiming she had been conducting the dog fighting ring. she is accused of stealing medicine and equipment from her boss' doggy daycare to treat the dogs at her home. people wanted for nonviolent offenses in baltimore will get a chance to turn themselves in this summer. people with warrants can turn
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themselves in west baltimore. the safe fugitive program runs junes 16th. toyota's massive recalls are bringing scrutiny to the auto safety agency. they are profiting congress to look-- they are profiting congress to look at motorist. >> reporter: with multiple recalls and report after report of vehicles accelerating out of control. >> emergency, my call can't slow down. >> reporter: questions are raised about what toyota new about the defects but what federal agent dids new and whether they failed to act aggressively enough in investigating complaints. >> do you believe they mades in takes in the response to the toyota recalls. >> no, sir. >> reporter: thursday , the head of the traffic administration testified on
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capitol hill. >> i don't see toyota as an indicative example of failure. >> reporter: however, records show they were made aware of acceleration problems with toyota and lexus vehicles three years ago. the investigation was closed just seven months later. strickland said more could have been done but acknowledged the agency's policies may have been outdated. >> they have written in the 1960's and 70's when the world and automobile market were different. >> this agency is starving to death. it cannot collect the data it should. it doesn't have the enforcement personal that it should. >> reporter: some safety advocates are calling for expanded punitive powers for the agency saying automakers who drag their feet on issues should face harsher consequences. authorities say that a new york woman who claimed her toyota prius accelerated on its own was on the way to have the gas pedal check at the time of
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the crash. the driver had not experienced problems with acceleration but awe ranged a check because of the recent recall. the car hit a stone wall. the driver was not hurt. the state of maryland is one step closer to banning text messages while driving. house of delegates voted in support of the ban. violators could face fines up to $500. last year lawmakers voted to prohibit riding and sending texts while driving but the law did not prevent drivers from reading texts behind the wheel. the new bill is moved to the state senate. tonight as chile sworn in a new president the country was shaken by a series of strong aftershocks. the new president urged coastal residents to move to a highier ground because of the tsunami. officials say the aftershocks were too small to cause waves. congress was evacuated because of a precaution. if you want to help out the
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victim of the earthquake american red cross is making a pledge of $50,000. you can donate on their website. we have made it easy for you. head to look for links mentioned on the air. house speaker nancy pelosi spent the day trying to get vote% the president's healthcare reform bill. she says she's going from member to member to win their support. neither she or senate majority leader will sign on to the timeline the white house want. with less than a week to do democrats want week to talk ate over. democrats say they are buying time because momentum is building to pass healthcare reform into law. they are carefully counting votes. in the meantime harry reed made it official he'll try to pass the bill using procedure called ready reconciliation ."
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he had another chance to strike it rich. powerball jackpot is $200 million. no one won in wednesday's drawing. next drawing is coming up on saturday. well , the national aquarium in baltimore celebrating a new addition. they were awaiting the arrival of atlantic bottle nose dolphin. the healthy calf was born last night. for now it is closed for a day or two so the baby and mother can have bonding time. we'll be back after a break. ♪
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in tonight's health alert disturbing news about a form of substance abuse known as huffing. researchers found this inhaling of products is more wide-spread among young people than we suspect. as dr. timothy johnson reports the cheap high can have a costly price. >> reporter: a new study shows
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that 12 year olds are more likely to abuse deadly inhay lanes than marijuana, cocaine or cigarettes. data administration found between 2006 and 2008, 6.9% of 12 year olds admitted they have used nonmedical inhalant. alcohol was a more widely used drug by 12 year old. ashley says she first huffed air dusters when she was 11. it was a cheap, powerful high that came on instantly. she's trying to raise awareness about the potential deadly effects of huffing. some 12 year olds find access to poppers at concerts. sniffing pain thinners allows kids to get a quick,
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inexpensive high. one snuff can cause irreverse ball damage and lead to lung and kidney problems. warning signs that someone has been huffing include general confusion, watery eyes and slurred speech. with this medical minute i'm dr. timothy johnson. now to a developing story in kansas city. public education has become a casualty of changing times. last night the missouri school board voted to close nearly half of the city schools because of dwindling enrollment. parents say it is their kids they are leaving out. >> reporter: with one vote, 26 kansas city schools were shuttered. nearly half the schools in that district. >>i'm sad. it is a great school. i had a lot of success here. >> closing school and making
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remaining schools much stronger academically is unquestionably the right thing do. >> reporter: superintendant john covington said he had no choice. a shrinking student population and half empty schools created a half a million dollar short fall. drastic measures such as layoff and school closings have become day-to-day events in public education as educators struggle to keep students on track. now the nation's governors are saying just getting by is not good enough. they have proposed new nationwide standards replacing current policies that vary state by state. >> i understand that no matter where i'm at i'm still going to see the same level of accountability in any school, in any place in any part of the country. >> reporter: there is the usual emphases on math. leaders want the kids to know
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poetry. >> it tells you rhyming words and repetition. >> reporter: in this kansas city school district, fighting to survive, the plan seems a distrain dream for now. proponents would like to see the standards implemented in the next two to three years. only alaska and texas are not participating. i got the umbrella and raincoat. i'm ready for the rain. >> this has been a slow-moving storm. people talking today saying it is feeling like rain. it is coming. we'll get a few showers today and tomorrow. could be flooding in low-lying areas. none this afternoon. as the decent day in baltimore on the inner harbor. generally clear scenario out there. quiet on the water. expecting that to last the rest
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of the evening. we should stay dry. overnight tonight into tomorrow is when things will change. not bad. cloudy and on the muggy side. 55 degrees. barometer holding steady. that will be dropping tomorrow. i want to show you another angle from the maryland science certain. you can see sort of a gray sky but not too bad. through the day today we had nice sunshine. blue skies for a while and clouds thickening through the later part of the day. once again we are looking at increasing odds for rain overnight into early tomorrow. high temperatures today with the sunshine well up into the 60s across maryland. 62 arnold. clarksville 64. eastern shore rock hall 60 degrees. across the state. temperatures similar. we have been running ten degrees above average.
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hagerstown up to 67 today. very warm conditions there. dulles up to 68. right now we have cooled to 55 baltimore. finally a mile night you were the cloud deck. look at the south and west. heavy rain back into parts of west virginia and north central north carolina. all this moving in our direction. scattered showers overnight tonight. a lot will miss us to the east. the rain is going to come in tomorrow that will create headaches. mild weather tonight. nice southerlily breeze. we have a warm front north of us. a chance for a few showers as the disturbance comes up. this is tomorrow night through tomorrow morning. this is 6:00 a.m. wet commute possible. maybe a break in the action.
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then the heavy rain, looks like to seconds wave will second wave will come in tomorrow night. it will last through the day saturday. we don't get into drier weather until sunday. tomorrow night through the day saturday looking like the wetteddest time period. tonight 48. clouds on the increase. a few showers late. chance for morning showers tomorrow. it will get heavier tomorrow evening. tomorrow night looking at heavy rain. that can trigger possible flooding in the low-lying areas. we had snow melt over the last few days. the outlook staying mild. as we dry out next week we'll see temperatures up in the mid 50s. >> thank you. are you thinking about taking a family vacation this spring break? baltimore county officials hope you'll take advantage of the fun here. county exec executive jim smith
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announced the launch of spring fling today. >> on this year's spring break there is no need to buy an expensive plane ticket to fly half way across the country so you can stay in overpriced hotel. there is plenty for you and your families to here in your own backyard. >> spring fling runs through april 18th. the number of people killed in car crashes was the lowest in more than 50 years. find out what's behind the drop in crash deaths. dramatic rescue in california after a driver plunges her car into a river. ♪
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a look at news around the nation. long beach, california is where a rescue was caught on tape. suv crashed through a guardrail and plunged about 30 feet off of a freeway bridge ending up at the bottom of the los angeles river. a local fire chief says crews pulled the driver out of the murky water. she was taken to the hospital. no word on her condition. tonight fans are remembering a football legend turned actor. merlin olson a member of the los angeles rams died today
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near los angeles after a long battle with cancer. he was inducted into the profootball hall of fame in 1982. after his playing career ended he turned to acting on little houston prairie and father murphy. it is an event many seniors look forward to. there will be no prom for students in jackson, mississippi. this after a 18-year-old female student requested she be allowed to escort her girlfriend and wear a tuxedo. school's prom was limited to opposite sex couple. officials told her she couldn't bring her girlfriend and her presence may make others uncomfortable. >> i want able to to go to prom and bring my date like everyone else gets to. >> the school said they will not host the april 2nd dance because of distractions caused by recent events. well , the garden at
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baltimore city hall continues to grow. some produce will be missing this year. that story and more coming up at 5:30.
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and he rain is headed our way and a lot of it. >> today we had a dry day. sunshine. temperature up to 70 degrees in some part of maryland. look at the pleasant stuff out there. 70 degrees official high out of frederick. 62 baltimore. 64 washington. cooler on the eastern shore where we found upper 50s. checking on maryland's radar, all clear. had a few showers south of baltimore earlier this morning. now we are clear.
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this said to change. look at the huge cluster of rain and thunderstorms across south carolina moving up into north carolina. we'll get scattered showers out of that overnight tonight. here's that forecast. 48 degrees. cloud increase. late showers a good bet. better chance of heavy rain could trigger flooding tomorrow evening. i'll let you know what part of the weekend we can expect the soggiest conditions coming up. some lawmakers in baltimore county believe recycling is not catching on. it is a bill in annapolis geared to give you something extra for picking up a green habit. brian keebler has the lates. >> reporter: last year the city of baltimore made it easy to recycle. introducing a single program now just about anything you can recycle will be pick up in one can, one pickup. >> i generally put my trash can out once


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